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The beautiful Pacific and vast amounts of color and culture make the great state of Hawaii a coveted place for tourists to travel to and families to relocate to. From the fashionable downtown shopping region in Honolulu, to one of the several scenic beach locations, Hawaii is just as much an experience as it is a gorgeous place. However, shipping a vehicle to, from, or even within the state can be a bit of a prodigious process, and we know how imperative it is to have access to your vehicle at all times.

You are In The Best Hands In The Business

Hawaii Auto Transport Company is the leader in the Hawaii car shipping industry. We work with over 6,000 different carriers situated nationwide. With over 35 years combined experience in the auto transport industry, We have molded into an exclusive auto transport site that deals specifically with car moves to, from, or within the state of Hawaii.

Key Shipping Advice&Tips

  • Clean Vehicle

    We recommend cleaning your vehicle thoroughly before pick-up. Failure to have your vehicle clean for the carrier may result in a cleaning fee.

  • Check All Fluids

    The vehicle should have, AT MOST, ¼ tank of gas, or less. Your vehicle may not move if it has more than ¼ tank of gas.

  • Remove All Personal Belongings

    Remove ALL personal belongings from your vehicle before transport. Absolutely no personal items are to be shipped with your vehicle. We recommend mailing those items (keys, radios, systems, etc.) through UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

  • Have All Paperwork Ready

    Have your title, and all relevant paperwork concerning your vehicle, ready for the transporter when he arrives. If your vehicle is a lease or is being financed, you must have a document certifying you to take the vehicle off the mainland.

  • Know Your Destinations

    You may have to have a transporter ship your car more than once. If you plan on island hopping and want your car available to you at all times, then you may need to ship your vehicle more than once to ensure your mobility around any of the islands.

  • Do Your Research

    We strongly encourage anyone to use our expertise when trying to relocate your vehicle to or from Hawaii. You can also visit the Hawaii Department of Transportation for detailed legal info on shipping your car in, out, or within the state.